Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iPad dress-up game successful!

It's a triple birthday today: my dad, friend and guardian angel Vlad (who successfully pushed the depressed me out into a new amazing space to work in), and the Swedish Viking Daniel (who might seem an arrogant rock star until you talk to him and discover that he's a humble, polite and kind person). =)

I finished my work later, therefore didn't go to class and still needed to go out to pay some beauty salon bills. (yuck, sounds as if I'm a glamorous bitch XD). And then - shopping time!
Wanna open? Hrytsia just did it! :D
The gift shop: a perfect stop to get things for holiday crafting. Lolita crafting!
What I like about Lolita fashion is that it's easily adjusted to a huge variety of occasions. Sometimes even too much - with all those food prints etc. But winter holidays have that special scent of fairytale mood - why not add it to some jewelry for my friends? ^___~

And this is from a true Wonderland! My university mate Natalia once told me about a cute handmade jewelry and supplies shop at the Metrograd trading center. But I never thought it's THAT sweet and cozy. Some kind of beige warm light, vintage laces, incense sticks' scent and real fish in round tanks. Nice sales assistants who smile sincerely (unlike in most other shops), have interesting styles themselves and help with anything you ask them about. The girl who worked with me had awesome black boots with a floral print, and I couldn't help telling her they're adorable. :)) And it made her smile even more.
I will stop on this shop a bit longer.

The teddy in the pic above will tomorrow go on an important mission. He's gonna guard a secret package that will fly by mail right to Holland. Anything can happen to a package on it's way, right?.So I think a bear is an animal serious enough to protect it. That teddy is also trained to love and protect the person he will get to together with the package. :)

The metal pendant is a REAL locket, and the sweet sales assistant managed to find it exactly in the color I wanted for ages. It really opens and can contain a photo and a lock of hair. I guess one young man will get a small haircut as soon as he comes to my city... Should I get him drunk or poisoned beforehand?

And these tiny things are cameos. probably for hairclips. My nails are there for comparison of sizes. I wonder how such cameos are made that tiny... ;)
This was the goth part. The other one is as cutesy as possible, and I think I will soon come up with a theoretic post on why goth girls go kawaii. With Mokona and myself as examples, of course. :P

My other stop was at another crafting supplies shop. This one is more mainstream and looks like a tiny mall, but it often has useful things for casual prices.
Yeah, a lot of hearts. Purple for hairclips, pink and green for two different goth necklaces - no, there is no mistake, I said goth. :D The pink beads for the same purpose, and some technical stuff like metal rings and cones - something crafters always run out of. )) And the nice cross to prove I'm goth to match some accessories I already have.

Last but not least, the most important thing of today: the iPad case with a cute cat who reminds me of my Kesha. :) I know it's some Japanese character, but can't remember its name.

And now it's time to prepare for tomorrows' exams. >__< I have about 3 of those. Eww.
At least one cute person promised to come to my dreams today - because last time he appeared there he brought me a warm wake-up mood and good luck at the exam on that day. :)

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  1. the supplies are beautiful! Yesterday, I was in a shop with things like that, I was seeking a gift for my sister.I would have bought some presens for you but I have not your address :P