Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The makeup post

I've recently been trying to wear makeup more often in order not to lose skills (even though if I still need them).
Look 1: LOLita for a walk with my girls. Yep, 15 mm Super Pinky Blue lenses from Pinky Paradise make me look surprised all the time )))
I hate it when girls do the duck-face and did it myself here. Great. Note to self: never take pics while talking to someone. >_<
The lips makeup has been done with 4 tiny drops of Tony Moly Tint on the lower lip sealed/smudged with Victoria's Secret transparent lipgloss. But I wouldn't recommend this combination if you're going to wear your hair loose in windy weather. :P

Look 2: Last Friday at University :D
A better pic this time, made with a camera and not a mobile device just before running out. Of course i was getting late for class. ^^
I wear those lenses on a daily basis, they contain much water and I don't feel them even after a hard working day. Even though they're 15 mm. 
The lipstick is No She Didn't from Lime Crime, I can say it's even a bit coffee-resistant: still stays on even after I have a cup or two. :)

Let me know if you'd like more makeup and outfit posts or not. Ok? ^___^

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