Sunday, January 15, 2012

Exams aren't scary when the teacher is good

Having another scary exam tomorrow - History of foreign journalism. I've always hated history, but the good thing is that this teacher is a cool one, and what he is focused on are interesting facts, not the dates. So I'll definitely try telling him about the court trouble Gutenberg the printing inventor got into, and about political use of humor in ancient Rome.

Got to study until morning - see how goth I am, I even study better at night, and can't do anything against this for now. =)) The bad news are that my eyes are failing, I currently have cute stars over all I see. XD Hope it's just because of constant stress these weeks.

Even though I'm gonna have a romantic and passionate night with historical personalities, I'll try to be a good blogger and a cute goth tomorrow. Visiting my grandparents after the exam, my cousin Anya will also come over - so I have no right to look like shit. :D
Unfortunately I can only post a photo of the left part of my face due to health issues. Hope the surgery I'm dreaming of will bring me back to the look of 2005...

Ok, the main thing for now is to try memorizing that text... Yeah, they first started printing on fabric in Europe, and then switched to paper... Wait! So printed brand dresses appeared before newspapers??? I think it explains why burando is that expensive!

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