Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beautiful news

I'm back to practicing at the ICTV channel. Today I even edited the video by myself! Quite challenging but interesting, I'm thinking of getting rid of some old stuff on my laptop to try to install Edius to have some practice on my weird home vids too.

But yesterday, on my 1st day "back in the news" I noticed that the stories I chose were all with a mood.
The one I was working on was about a 13-years-old American boy who wants to create a park in the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea so that families would be able to have time together. The boy went out to a square in Beijing holding the poster with explanations of his idea, but the Chinese police has taken him away, and now this boy, Jonathan Lee, is being questioned somewhere.

The second piece of news was about the Japanese minister of justice who joked about his job and got such a lot of criticism that had to resign. He said that if a minister doesn't know what to say at a parliamentary deliberation, they should remember 2 phrases: that they refuse to comment on a certain issue and that they are working on it according to the legislation and circumstances.

Reuters also sent us a script+vid of the Philippines' reaction on what the Pope said about use of condoms. What was interesting about this topic? The story sent by the news agency gave a nice and short overview of the situation in the country from many sides. It let me imagine what was happening there in everyday life.

And last but not least, I still regret I didn't have time to watch the video - about a chihuahua who was accepted as a...police dog! Will you be surprised if I tell you it happened in Japan? I was not.

There was also a curious story about a murder of someone during their honeymoon - as far as I remember the criminal was arrested. But the only interesting thing in the video we received were the monkey-like photographers in a tree. XD

What I wanted to say is that the news I noticed yesterday were somehow beautiful and I'd say - not dirty. The one I was working on even touched me despite this is almost prohibited in the job I do. No boss to control it, but it's more like censorship. I have to be a bit cynical. But the story with the boy made me smile about the fact that still there are representatives of the young generation who think of something cute, light and pure. And not drugs, sex and crime to do.

What will be in the news tomorrow?
Kids and animals in the end of the show. ;) The middle and beginning can be anything.
And today I'm sorry about what happened in Cambodia.

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