Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not all alone in the shame. In front of the camera.

Believe it or not - I'm scared of working in front of the camera. And watching vids with myself is almost the same torture as getting needled under my nails. What is more, the teacher of TV journalism is a person who can easily kill those who aren't confident enough. Mentally of course. :)

Imagine how much I was shaking before doing this task... my guest has seen it in real life.

Anatoliy "Haul" Belogorsky is an actor and a singer in the band named Cantabile Orchestra. I was sure he is able to talk without fear and thought I might feel a bit more confident if my guest has experience of public appearances.

I'm more than grateful to him for both interview and support. I was really less nervous - yes, I'm usually even more scared than I was last Thursday.

Before it started...
Notice our hallucinogenic walls ^__~ 
Holy shit... I made a mistake again
My awesome guest ;) 
On air ^_^
Two people have frozen in the studio after a TV class with an interview task...

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