Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend everywhere. Part 2 - rock.

Quick makeup, taking what has fallen out of the wardrobe - running to the 5th Slavic Rock festival. This time we were taking a video for a report to show in class. Slavka and Helen were to come a bit later with the camera and new ideas. ^_~

Some drunk guy asked if I was performing or watching. I said I'm reporting. Then he asked what music I prefer. I was still on the dancing wave, so I named 2 bands whose songs played in my headphones while I was walking to the club: Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.He was surprised with the fact I know them, asked "how can a 16-years-old know them?" I thanked and laughed and then he made me mad by trying to get to know my age. Please remember that I HATE this question and there is no answer to it.

Then I noticed a familiar face... Of course that was Kostya from the "Monolit" rock band. I knew this time they were going to do something special... He has also grown back his long hair ^__^
Concerning questions of style - Max also has a new image and I suggested him to try...visual kei ;)

My main purpose was to listen to Monolit. I liked the show even though I try to be critical about them. Despite we're friends. I'm a journalist, do you remember? )))

This time they made me happy with songs in English, Kostya's pronunciation seemed to be a bit better than before, and also.. the last song consisted of about 98% dirty words, the main meaning was like (I will not use the obscene language here, I'll translate that) "I'm playing the guitar in an awesome outfit". XD Just replace the words "play" and "awesome" with dirty synonyms. :P

It was coming, I knew it's gonna happen after this song... Kostya jumped into the crowd and then was brought back to the stage. My girls have already come by that time but our video camera died. We were lucky to have my photo camera - so that epic moment will be shown from a fan's point of view. :)

The reporting part has also been fun. A stand-up among about 4 cute rocker-style guys... *"...heaven I see..." (c)*
Pictures. Friends from different hangouts have got on - exactly, this is twice as cool as it might be. :)
I think pics don't need comments. :P

 Friends remind me I'm still alive.
Studying tells me there are many people who want me dead.
Work makes me feel complete.
I mean - it's a beginning of a new awaiting-for-weekend. 


  1. Could be much better...
    Thanks anyway )))

  2. are sooooooooo beautiful! realy!)))

  3. Thank you... But I'm 99% fake in these pics... :(