Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend everywhere. Part 1 - acid.

I've almost lost my voice... What am I going to do with the voice-overs? O_o Strong black tea, save me...

At Marika's b-day party we met some nice new people. A guy jokingly suggested us to dance at their party. We said it's possible, but he smiled and said it's in the city of Dnipropetrovs'k. Oh well...

... I was on my way home from the channel when Mokona texted me saying that guy called and suggested us coming there for the event. There is a fast train so we wouldn't waste too much time on the trip. I hesitated  a lot, also because mum and dad were too anxious to let me go freely.

What is more - I had to visit a museum to be able to answer in class on Monday. My phone was playing evil tricks on me by turning off each time someone called. I needed to have hair dyed, that is - to find a hairdresser as soon as possible. Little time was left, I asked the hairdresser not to dry my hair, it was freezing outside but I ran home with wet hair, pushed all my stuff into the laptop case, ordered a taxi and rushed to the railway station to buy tickets. I arrived there 20 minutes before the train was to leave. And saw a long line...

I came to the guy who was the 1st one, asked him if he could let me buy the tickets at once since I'm rushing to a performance... he smiled and agrees, so let God bless him. :)) Thanks to that guy I got my tickets, then met Mokona and finally we got on the train to Dnipropetrovs'k.

We were lucky to have a nice neighbor, a polite Jewish gentleman who was also very interesting to talk to. Maybe it's because of the conversation that we didn't notice the 6 hours pass.

23:30. The railway station of DP city, taking some pics and then noticing MC Andy. :)

The club. A small dressing room, 2 cute and absolutely same-looking go-go dancers. The naughty MC whose name I don't remember watched me putting stockings on and said he likes them. O_o
Mokona: You're an animal!
The naughty MC: Yes, I know. 
  The introduction and what we saw at first was a bit shocking, I can't even tell you about it, I'm too embarrassed. But as it's said - fear has big eyes (does it wear circle lenses?), and everything was more like a joke, though a very explicit one. Anyway what we had to do on the stage was to blush, be cute and shocked etc. Mokona was speaking Japanese and I pretended I'm as silent as Mana only expressing embarrassment with moves and face.

The twin go-go dancers and us followed each other on the stage. Later we just sat drinking coffee with cream, being cute, smiling etc. Right, feeding each other with fruit as well. :)

...MC Andy came to the kitchen to chat with us. We helped him to do the sleeves of the shirt up and he was making gestures so actively that...knocked down a bowl with eggs. Quite a lot got smashed with an impossibly funny sound. A laugh followed, and then - "has anyone seen a floor cloth?" Andy told us to get away from there, and eventually came out having cleaned the egg mess with the help of a waiter.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for DJ E-Yad to play. I've been introduced to that guy before, I knew what he looks like but didn't know he's a DJ. He's of Arabic nationality and his music has features of national music. I value it a lot when a DJ's work clearly shows off something personal and unique. Should I mention that I understood why he was waited for?

As morning came there were fever people on the dancefloor, but about 4 characters have been out there all the time. Those guys were dancing something that looked like ancient tribal dancing around the fire. It was even funnier when those "ancient people" started dancing around a few chicks - a bit like male animals do when they have a mating mood. XD Finally all people stood watching those four. It was really a cool performance, I wish I had my camera then. But I was stupid enough to have left it in the dressing room. The guys danced in such a way that even E-Yad who seemed to be busy making music eventually started laughing out loud.

We were then having coffee and doing some spoken girly stuff. "The leopard ass", "the tattooed ass" - we had to define people somehow, didn't we? ^__~

MC Andy was sometimes on the dancefloor to cheer the people up, we showed him that his dancing is awesome, and he smiled back. We did our paws dance, then suggested doing it on the stage - and some people followed us. =^_^=

Then some guy sticked to me saying compliments and asking to dance with him. I said I'm grateful, that I'd love to but we can't since we've been invited as mascots of the event and only dance on the stage tonight. He didn't leave me alone trying to get my real name and phone number, and finally said something that almost made me pee my trousers. "I know you'll never believe, but I'm not like other guys, I don't just need a f**k..."LOL

How MC Andy got nicknames.  
At first we called him "Dnipropetrovs'k-kun".
When he noticed that guy near me, he came and talked to him, and he left us alone. But he didn't offend him. We thought it looked like in the "Kuroshitsuji" anime where the Black Butler solved all trouble of Ciel. This is how the nickname "Sebastian" appeared.  :)

Taking the last pics, going to the railway station being hellishly sleepy and hungry. We bought some food - of course our Sebastian went with us. :))

Then there was the train where we struggled with sleepiness until we finally turned off.

14:30 - 17:00, a quick nap. Shower, makeup, lashes, phone calls - heading off to the rock part of the crazy weekend!

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