Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One more angel on the Rainbow

Last night my aunt's and grandparents' cat Taiska passed away...

I called her Princess CookiePaws because her paws really looked like some weird white biscuits. She was a snow white Angora, and her age was about 19 years old.

Many years ago my Granny saw a beautiful white cat in a tree. Looked like dogs had scared her and she hid there. Of course Grandma didn't climb the tree herself. She asked the neighbor to help her get the kitty down, and then she took her home. This is how Taiska appeared in their home. They already had a black short-haired cat named Nichka, and a bit later aunt moved in with her tortoise-colored cat Sarah. There were 3 cats Grandpa and I called "the cat farm". 

Last winter the doctors said she won't live longer than about 2 weeks, but she mocked at all of them having lived a year.
That was the most kind cat I've ever met. And I was so proud of myself when I made her bite me.
My mother said she must have caused a great fuss up there on the Rainbow because of her beauty. I hope she'll make friends with my Kesha.
I miss you kitty...

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