Monday, February 28, 2011

A fake cat against government cruelty

I was going to attend an event held to protect our beloved pets from sadistic politicians who have banned a painkiller used for veterinary surgeries. Now our animals have either to die or have surgeries performed without any painkilling. Because some political fuckhead decided he wants to fight drug abuse. Know what, human guys? Those who need drugs will find them even if they're banned. What the hell have animals to do with that? 

And so there was an action held to tell the government they're nothing else than sadists. Since I got an unexpected bunch of tasks at one of my jobs I didn't get to the place of the event in time. T_T The only thing I can do is to spread the word about what is going here. I'll make a separate post on it I think. 

People were asked to come with their pets, but mum didn't let me take Hrytsia because she's only 6 months old. So I decided to... take a fake cat. I carried it in my hands all day long. And when I had a few minutes before University we decided to go to a glamorous cafe. Imagine the waitresses' faces when they saw me stroking a toy cat on  my laps )))
 Sorry for the cell phone quality and lolita-style stickers, just had to hide non-cute things :P Yes, I forgot to hide the face but cannot remember the link to the online editor.
Stupid me and the fake kitty 

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