Saturday, March 5, 2011

Young people are not totally lost

 Juri, Rada, Nastya, Andriy and I - our small company headed to a concert last evening.  I got a bit tired of noisy rock events and trance DJ sets so haven't been in an outgoing mood for months. According to Juri's wise words, yesterday was the opening of our new season of going out.
Impressive events always make me think on stuff not directly related to them, so sorry for my old woman's thoughts you'll see below.

This time we attended something completely different. Cantabile Orchestra is a band that plays j-music and soundtracks from movies. As I have noticed, they choose those from romantic and/or beautiful ones. They present cover versions as symphonic music. So it was more like a classical concert than an event everyone is used to seeing me at. My tastes vary greatly. =)

It must be a shame to admit but I'm not into watching movies. Both because of my eyes' weakness and having video at work all the time so that I'm unable to perceive it as a type of leisure. This is why most tracks Cantabile played sounded like some modern music pieces in the classical style, they didn't bring my memory to certain movies. But as it mostly happens to me if I hear something from a film somewhere else, I'll definitely associate it and the whole movie with where I heard it for the first time. :) Guess who the performed songs will be linked to ^_^

They reminded me of the early Fleur band. Because of the mood and manner of presenting the music from the stage. It's sincere, somehow plain and is aimed only on passing a message to the audience. Fleur used to have all these features in their earlier gigs, though now they've become more of commercial. Cantabile still have that "romantic sophisticated underground" mood.

The vocalist's voice sounded familiar. I could only hear her at the band's YouTube recordings but it wasn't the impression I caught. I wasn't like "I've heard her before", it was more of resemblance to something I know very well. And then I got it. Her singing reminded me of Mar Trejo from the Mexican band GuildMage. :) One more reason why I liked the event. *_*

Both the musicians and spectators are young people. I sighed with relief and made sure that not all non-mainstream youth consists of people who drink beer wherever they are, curse and spend their lives at endless drug/whore parties.
I had a chance to see different people. Those who were making music tonight couldn't have reached the level they showed without being either talented or devoted to what they do. Or both at the same time. Those who came to listen to them chose it and liked it instead of preferring something... something not worth attention - think of an example, I'm sure you'll find many. ^_~

As Juri said on the day of our rehearsal when a crowd of drunk teen girls walked past us, we could be legally doing the same thing, but for some reason we make outfits and think out a show to demonstrate them. It made me happy to see lots more young people who are into different things than what I've observed at other events. Or maybe I've attended wrong ones? But let philosophers think of this. I'm a journalist.

Now the post is over if you're not interested in fashion notes. =)
A great part of Ichigo Kissaten is into creating outfits and we hardly ever miss opportunities to wear them. Going out? Great, but what am I gonna put on? This time the dressed-up ones were Juri and me. 
 Unfortunately the photo was taken when we were about to go, we already put the coats on. I think I'll try to make a separate post to show the dress updates: fur collar and cuffs. Don't worry - all fur is fake. :)

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