Monday, May 23, 2011

Kuchisake Onna. Kyiv version.

I think a jealous husband is a loving husband. Mostly. If he doesn't mutilate his wife's face... But maybe it is also a sign of devotion?
I prefer foggy evenings for nice strolls and cute revenges on those whose faces are still normal. Though this time there was no choice and I had to walk in the burning sun hiding behind buildings every now and then. You know, whatever disgusting the sun is, it draws people outside to the central streets...

Smaller scissors - accurate cuts

Do I really enjoy it?
Am I pretty?
Watashi kirei?
How about now?
Kore demo?
And now I need to think on what I'm gonna do to you. I guess I need advice. Better not listen. 
Telling me I'm nothing special will kill you.
So will open lies. 
Think twice before you answer. And then it will be my turn to think and decide.

Beautiful people make me feel incomplete. Happy girls remind me of my imperfection.
Let there be pain.

Photos by Katherine A.
The idea comes from the Japanese city legend of the 70s. Re-written by the tired and sleepy goth.
Made for the "Black Metal Agenda" CD #29.

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