Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ukrainians aren't too rude sometimes. Or maybe they know the Japanese legend?

Everything seems much less depressive when there are no classes. I've even given up my happy pills for a while.
About a week ago I received a nice message with an interesting idea I will tell you about as soon as it's ready. ^__~ What can be revealed now is that I needed pics. And had a week to get new ones.

I'm friends with many photographers but there are a few people I am 100% sure in - they make good pics even when I'm not in the mood/proper health. This was going to be the 1st shoot after the illness and I needed confidence. I called Catherine A. and we arranged a shoot with a cute coffee break afterwards.

It's also been an opportunity to test tolerance of local people. I had to reach the destination with a HUGE scar on my face. What I found out is that people give quick glances and don't dare to comment. Only a homeless guy asked what was wrong with my face, but he was drunk and I thought it was a better idea to f**k off that to explain.
Maybe most people here know the story that is behind my image of that shoot? Though it would be surprising that so many Ukrainians are into Japanese culture. =))

Most of photoshoots involve laughable situations. This time some guys put a pigeon on my shoulder. Of course I screamed like an insane, I'm hellishly afraid of birds. They are cute but the touch of those skinny feet and long claws scare me to death.
When I was being photographed from a distance some guy started posing next to me. At first I didn't pay attention at all but eventually turned to him and saw that he was... have a look yourself!

More pics coming soon, I'll add them when they're released.

After the shoot we had a coffee break that has been awesome except a glamorous couple staring shamelessly. Catherine and I ordered coffee and I said that now the pieces of glamour will have their eyes out. Took out a wet wipe and started taking the scars off. Their eyes didn't fall out but at least looked like coins. XD

Here's a "sneak peek" - like Adora calls it - at what there's been.
2 more shoots coming. I already have an outfit for one and urgently need to design some lighter version of the Anna Varney image. And now Emilie Autumn is also not getting out of my head... Of course in my perverted un-goth vision.

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