Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The cursed choker

Exams time is something when University corridors turn into hell, and you can even feel hell in the air - it's shaking along with crowds of nervous students.
This time we were having Practical Stylistics (of Ukrainian language) while the 2nd year students were waiting for a tough Theory of Journalism torture with a teacher known as a bitchy creature. But I do know a life-saving secret for myself and the soulmates... ;)

I was talking to a groupmate when a girl from the 2nd year joined us. She said she fears that teacher and we told her about our experience with her. Of course I mentioned the fact that she's believed to like goths, metalheads and other non-glamourous people. Then jokingly suggested borrowing the collar I was wearing. We had a collective laugh and the "stylish Ukrainian" part of our real-life chatroom ran to welcome the 1st girl who passed the exam.

In a few minutes Maryna, the girl from the 2nd year, who was about to go and fight Theory of Journalism, ran to me and asked for my choker. I joked it's cursed against teachers and put on her. I wasn't worrying for my own passing the exam. All my thoughts were there with her...

...and in some time she came out of the room smiling and saying she got 5 out of 5 for that exam!

I put the choker back on myself and was the next to pass the exam easily. :)
Fear it, scary teachers! It's cursed by the worst student in the world!

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