Saturday, June 25, 2011

A, B, C...Fuck this, I'm gonna be a stripper when I grow up!

The event was held at the Independence Square in the centre of the Ukrainian capital. A celebration of the International Children's Day has been a true Halloween for me. All my fears were gathered in a limited space. Children, balloons, candy, ice cream - all things I think there are in hell. The 1st two items especially freak me out, but this time I put the nerves into... whatever you might think of, and ran to gather soundbites. I was kind/stupid enough to agree to help at my ex-work. Gathering comments turned into a challenge since even those not on my list were asking to be interviewed and I couldn't say no.

But the piss-off of the day wasn't about this. The kids were performing on the stage and I was upset by the fact that most singing performances were in Russian though the kids looked cute even to a childfree like me.

And then there was a female little singer with a dance show. Of course she sang in Russian. The whole show resembled the worst traditions of Russian pop music - that is unfortunately being adopted by Ukrainian pop culture these years. But it wasn't even this that made me feel like hiding eyes behind the glasses.

She was dressed like all those modern pop stars (LOL I just accidentally wrote poop stars XD) even though she's about 11 or 12 years old. A baggy top and a cap were ok despite I don't think it looked good together. But the skirt was short to the extreme and the moves were as slutty as you can see in vids at music channels. I thought of children pornography at once and a single question arose in my sun-boiled head: what the f**k is that girl gonna grow into???
Pic from the net

We already have loads of teens acting and behaving like experienced hookers. Some are literally like that. They go on watching their idols on TV, make sure they're doing everething right and set an example for younger kids. This seems to be unstoppable. :(

The post-soviet internets have already gossiped about a former child star and now a teen singer who appeared in a video with half-naked BDSM-style men and once said she wants to live with a man. Modern kids grow up too fast and... set the trend all around the globe.

News sites like BBC and Skynews have written about the Americans being concerned about sexualization of kids' behaviour. They're going or at least trying to do something. Maybe they'll succeed and maybe they'll not. But they are at least doing it. Is anything going on in Ukraine where the number of teen sluts is increasing and already scares me at rock concerts?

I'm only writing a blog post since I have nothing to suggest. The situation is bad and I'm in no power to influence it. What makes me happy is that there are some little girls who take me as a role model, as their parents say, and I try to make them sure pop culture isn't interesting while the fairies-and-butterflies princessy perception of the world is much better. For now they do agree but how long will it last?

I'm a bit known in anime fans hangout and there are also younger people - including a few babywhores - who directly calling themselves my fans. Making me blush to death LOL ))) But still they say they want to be like me and go on behaving the way that makes me blush again. I don't try to bring them up - both because I don't want to and because it would be no use even if I tried. Hell yeah, bringing up kids has never been my cup of coffee.

People say this behaviour is settled by parents. Partly yes - by those who aren't friends with their kids. I remember my young years when I nearly became a little whore under the influence of all those pop stars (who weren't even a half as slutty as modern ones). But then I came up with understanding that I'd die of shame if mum saw my ass on the net or somewhere else. I knew she would be angry and upset.

The impression of that girl is probably the worst thought I had after a children's festival. Of course I understand possible excitement of a little girl who is allowed and encouraged to perform like an adult. I'm almost sure she doesn't even understand what message her show represents. I remember my own excitement when I had to wear g-strings under the stage outfit for the graduation runway show at the modeling school I attended many years ago. But I didn't think like "... and now those big guys will want something with me...". By the way I still don't have any thoughts like that when wearing or making open clothes. So most people consider me a freak and don't really believe.

But stage performances and future linked to them is a bit different than some personal designing experience. Now she does it because she liked it on TV - it's like a kind of cosplay. But later she's very likely to do the same with understanding what message she passes, and to do it consciously. This is how it might be happening that our mainstream show biz is all about short skirts and open tits. Unfortunately this crap is crawling towards the goth scene as well... T_T Younger generations are copying the trash of the old ones.

Of course that kids' event left good impressions too. A band of little girls performed with a song about first love. A sick topic, isn't it? Not this time. The girls sang in Ukrainian and were dressed modestly. Stylishly but simply. And it looked cool .Not too adult and not too childish. I liked them and asked the cameraman to take a vid of them too. Or maybe it is me getting old and unable to understand youth fashion? I hope it's not the case. ^

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