Sunday, June 26, 2011


The "Krayina Mriy" (Country of Dreams) festival is an annual one but it's only this year when I attended it for the 1st time in my life. One day aunt and a close friend at the same time suggested going there, and later we pulled out both of my parents and even cousin who is hard to get from behind of the laptop. :P

Cellphone quality, sorry. :( Anyway, with dad at the concert =)))
We were walking around the territory of the event when a girl of about 7 or 8 years of age ran to me smiling and pulling her mum's hand. I smiled back and her mum gave up and let her go.

The girl asked if I'm goth. I said yes and she told me it was clear from the first sight. But my jaw fell down when she asked if I listen to The 69 Eyes (here she used a funny version of a Ukrainian translation of the band's name often used jokingly in Ukrainian-speaking goth hangouts) and some other popular gothic bands. Her mum tried to pull her away but I wished to talk more - I was curious about a kid who listens to that and communicates so freely and openly (something I'm still trying to learn).

The girl told me that her class teacher shouted at her for putting on skull earrings and she started wearing trousers with skulls pattern to school covering the scary things with her hands when a teacher passes by. A smart decision ;) I remember being un-gothed at school and told her it will be gone as soon as school is over. She started persuading her mother agreed to take a pic of us and finally she agreed. :)

Probably the brightest impression of today's event. A pleasant shock. I'm happy there are very young people with non-mainstream interests. And I hope they'll grow into examples of Ukrainian versions of lifestyles that are misunderstood by those extremely modern people.

Both of us like The 69 Eyes, so here they go:


  1. I don't know much about Ukraine culture and I got a little confused reading your post. I went to read up a bit on Ukraine and learnt that goth is a sub culture in Ukraine. I also read the flaks about being a goth as well as how these very same people are misunderstood by the mainstream.

    Are the people in your country really divided by goth and mainstream just like how race divides people? Sorry if I sound ignorant but there are simply too many conflicting information about the goth culture.

    Nonetheless, it's great to read what you say. It's like I've opened the personal window of yours and learning about the goth culture in a very personalised point of view.

  2. The goth subculture exists worldwide, as far as I remember it's been established in the UK in the 80s. There are many stereotypical beliefs about goths, most of them really have a background. But people tend to judge all for behavior of a part, the part that isn't the best one. Mainstream people often hate us just for being different.

    No, it isn't that serious ))) people here have prejudice against all subcultures. Mostly because they often involve stupid and shameless teens on alcohol and drugs, and adults who don't do anything except partying, drinking and fucking. of course this description is a bit too exaggerated but it's what non-subculture people often see.

    It's ok, feel free to ask me anything you want to know :))

    People hardly ever believe a goth person can have normal thoughts and not be a pervert/necrophile/retarded etc. It's always a challenge for me to prove I'm a normal person, just with a twist to the dark ROMANTIC side.

    I'm soon going to make a separate post on goth prejudice, I've got a lot to say about that...

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  4. Your dad is cool!)) Nice pic!
    I remember that time (2004), when most of people in my hometown didn't understand my friends (mostly goths) and me. And my family was afraid that I would take drugs. My grand-mom thought I practiced magic!))) And also my school-teacher hated me :)
    I've got some photos from that period... Now it seems to be funny... I mean those things I used to do, goth-lifestyle...

  5. It's good to hear that even youngers haveing interests without going the mainstream flow!
    I hope you had fun with dad at concert, quality timeeee <3
    (thanks for giving me a handy tip about growing hair! ^___^) xx

  6. Thanx for your detailed reply. My understanding has certainly heightened. No worries, I would shoot questions now and then when i do not understand certain things.