Saturday, July 16, 2011

One of mysteries is gone or Which place of politics has touched this case.

The news people reported that the last remaining Carpathian white magician has been murdered. It was done by a man who, like other people, had come for help. He's said to be an insane who has already gone through a sentence for murder. I've found a version that he killed the magician for the old man's not being Christian (the 81-years-old was Pagan) Having come out of the magician's room he told other people not to enter it for a while. And then the magician was found stabbed to death.

The religious reason for this case is discussed openly as well as the criminal's insanity. There's also information that the murderer's a dark magician and his deed was a result of eternal struggle between light and dark magicians. (I know it sounds like a thought of a crazy fantasy books fan/beginning goth ) Some sites note that the moon was full on the night before the murder. Anyway the only thing that matters now is the good memory most people keep about the deceased one and proper punishment for the bastard that took his life. 

Whatever hard smart people will spit at me, I do see some politics in this case. Here's where it is. It's not a secret the current government is a criminal one, and of course they support those of their own hangout. I'm not saying this murder has been ordered by the ass of state himself. I just mean that while criminals are in charge of the country their fellows have hardly any fear and feel more free to do their dirty business. Criminals believe what they do is normal when those above are of their circles. (O_o is G+ addind new items to the language? So fast!) The romanticized criminal lifestyle is being openly promoted these months, and those likely to take it up easily do it. The murderer is said to have been in jail...

What is more, the modern so-called leet is more than superstitious. They really believe in anything they're being told, and what can be said about something that is real yet not too popular (thanks God)? They also fear most truly Ukrainian things. Can you imagine how much they'd wet their pants because of something Ukrainian with magical powers? My imagination's not bad, so I can. ;) I should also note that many of those leet people ar crushed on Orthodox Christianity in it's worst and old-fashioned form. I don't even want to think how evil Pagan beliefs might seem to them.

What do we have as a result? A person like the deceased magician would certainly gain more haters in the current situation our country is in. Of course those who appreciate wouldn't disappear anywhere but the risk of something bad to happen has really increased. I can say this case represents the collapse of imaginary safety of some special places.

I agree that there are lots of news pieces to be discussed, including global issues. I'm into that in press reviews I do for the morning news, but the personal blog is for things that worry me.

The murdered magician lived in the Carpathian mountains. In fact he practiced something that is common only in those places.

My mum comes from the town of Yaremche in the Carpathians. We have a country house, and I spent all 3 months of summer there since the year when I turned 1 year old. Now I can stay there for a shorter time but that's the place I call home.

The Carpathians have always been a place where no bad things happen, a space all existing bad things cannot reach, and where wonders are wherever you spit. It's the perception I still have from childhood, a way of seeing things that I like and am not planning to give up. Now one of mysteries is gone...because of an insane criminal for a reason related to the world outside of the safe mountain area.

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