Friday, July 22, 2011

What I made today.

I'm about to fall asleep right on the laptop, but my ideas crisis seems to have passed away for a while and I used its unconsciousness. ^__^ It's not more than a photo post about what I made today.
Choker for the fairy version of the outfit.
Everything started from the white blouse. I keep making accessories to wear with it. Sorry for the awful pic, lighting isn't perfect at 3:50 AM.

Remembering Moi Meme Moitie of 2005
Of course I'm not even close to Mana in designing skills and everything else. But the mood comes from him, and the butterfly was added after I ran into a pic of Kami.

The sneakers that suffered a lot.
And finally here are the sneakers I'm modifying. I still think they lack something, but cannot figure out what can be added.
I needed a pair of shoes without heels to match one version of the blue and white outfit, ordering online is not an option now, so...
Do you think the hearts on the front part should be removed?

 The side has a bow and a rose. I know it's not for muddy roads but hope they'll survive after a few parties or shoots.
 And now I'm about to set off to dreams to have a look at the clothes and jewelry people wear there. Maybe even cats are dressed there, in the unreal world? If so, I'll have to make something for mine.

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