Monday, October 10, 2011

A picture!!!

A talented person made my day!!!
A few days ago I received a DeviantArt comment -  I was being asked if my pic could be used for a drawing. Of course I said yes, and here it is:
Drawn by Blackcatrock. Check out her page, there are lots of awesome pictures: gothic, romantic and somehow psychedelic. =)
The original photo has been made by my friend Katarina at a Lolitas spring as far as I remember.
Blackcatrock must have some thoughts-reading abilities: the image I'm in at her drawing was my desired one when I was a babybat. Yes, that's what I wanted to achieve back then. =)


  1. NICE! I went to click on Blackcatrock's page outta curiosity and I love her mix of drawings. Exactly like what you said, gothic, romantic and I think a some are beautifully melancholic too. I wonder if she uses pencil to draw or is it digital? I wished someone would draw me too. Haha.

  2. Looks like a pencil, I think But I'm not an artist to tell for sure :))
    I wish I could draw well, I'd make a portrait of you because I ADORE the way you look :))