Friday, October 7, 2011

These who mourn and those who mock at them. Reaction for reactions about Steve Jobs' death.

I promised myself not to post on trending topics because its boring, it brings pointless arguments and I'm most likely to end up being sarcastic about the whole affair. But this time I'm breaking the promise because there are things that made me a little bit shocked.

The death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has virtually divided the world into several parts. There are those who mourn and those who mock the mourners. I remember there's a great number of indifferent ones as well but they don't interest me in this post.

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So, many people either mourn Mr. Jobs as if he's been their close friend, or simply express condolences as for the one they respected.
On the other hand, some are planning to dishonor Jobs' funeral - I mean these religious activists. But to my point of view they're a sect and all their actions carry a great deal of insanity. What is more, an iPhone was used to announce the protest. LOL Who wins?

What made my eyes jump out from behind glasses was the reaction of some people. They say that it's stupid to mourn "an American merchant and businessman who started a cult", and that lots of people die every day without even being mentioned. Some take the exaple of terrorist attacks in their countries and compare the worldwide fuss about them and what happened  few days ago. I think it shouldn't and cannot be compared because the cases are completely different: a terrorist attack is mostly a tragedy for a certain country, while a death of a famous person might be of the same importance for true fans only. But still  worldwide attention is captured by the fact of a loss in a certain sphere.

Not to judge anyone, but I've heard the most harsh and disrespectful comments from Russians and Ukrainians. The first ones are mostly sarcastic about Steve Jobs' nationality and the fact that i-products users are kinda "worshipping the evil West" and spending money on useless stuff. Ukrainians spit poison on the way people express condolences and about such a great number of these. But both nations' representatives consider the "mourners" insincere and stupid. As for me it only shows off the dirty post-Soviet mental underwear of both countries.

People have the right to express respect to the deceased. Not depending on who they are.

I've worked as an IT journalist for a while. Many news pieces I posted at that time were related to Apple, and they got quite a lot of feedback.

I should also confess about being a total i-diot - I've never been a user of Apple products and it was quite a challenge to text mum from a friend's iPhone a few years ago. :P

But I understand the value of Steve Jobs' company's inventions. They've developed and offered an alternative to traditional software, I mean - to then-mainstream and familiar types of software. Of course it turned out like all alt offers - some fell in love with it at once, some took it up because it's new and stylish, some people tested it and made their conclusions while haters rejected it just because it's different/new/foreign etc. I think the achievements of Steve Jobs' company can't be unnoticed.

Imagine these inventions NOT having appeared. Of course the IT world would have developed itself in a  different way. But it would never be the same. I can say Apple has shaped a great deal of the current world of computer technologies. All in all they kept inventing and presenting something new every now and then instead of launching under-tested updates rejected by most users almost as soon as they tried them. I'm not trying to let any company down, just explaining why Apple isn't as bad as it's often shown. I'm sure their things are far from perfection, but still people buy them more and more.

I agree there's been a certain cult/fetish, both in a healthy and an unhealthy way. Though I strongly doubt it was Jobs himself who turned it on.  If users have been so passionate and started worshipping Apple devices - it's their choice, and in fact it's up to each person what to like "just because". Some have found joy in following all possible i-stuff. Why not?

And if business people used this situation to make money - they haven't done anything wrong since demand is a reason for supply increase. People are ready to pay for something they want to have - and a company gives them such opportunities.

 I'm not in any kind of mourning. I didn't have a chance to meet Steve Jobs in person, he wasn't a friend of mine and Apple products aren't my fetish. I regret the great loss the IT world irs going through. I respect Mr. Jobs for founding and developing a prominent company with truly visible achievements. For offering an alternative to what people had been used to for many years. And of course it's sad just because a person is gone - it's always like that when someone dies.


  1. Indeed indeed. Some people are peeved by everyone talking about Steve Jobs as if he was some legend only after his death. I feel this is always the case. Someone would be so well-remembered and well-loved only after he/she has passed on.

    For me, I'm more of like really bowled over by his speech a few years back so quotes from him really struck me. If only people who sing praises about him truly understand what they're missing him for and if only people who are peeved truly understand what the rest are missing him for, it would be great. Too bad the haters and the worshippers are too strong in their views for the twain to meet.

  2. I agree. The best PR is death. :P I think I'll use it in some time when something made by me passes it's peak of popularity XD

    An interesting point of view... :) I guess I just haven't met true worshippers, those I saw were just deeply saddened people,but the haters were harsh.