Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eating American oranges with drugs

Do you know what American oranges with drugs taste like? And what American felt boots feel like?

I do. I remember the Orange Revolution, I've been to Maidan (the central square of Kyiv) at that time. The wife of the bastard who is the president of this CUNTry now said that participants of those protests are eating oranges with injected drugs and receive felt boots from the USA. She still has the Soviet vision of the USA as the main enemy.

LOL ))) She must have made a fool of herself forever and ever then, and now her husband doesn't take her anywhere with him. When I first saw her speech on TV back then, I thought it was some comedy show.
This pic I found on the internets is NOT from those times, but it's so disgusting that I couldn't help posting it XDD

By the way, I'm writing about this because today it's the 7th anniversary of the Revolution. Just had a nice tea time with my mum watching photos from those times. Also my before-goth times. :D

We were having presidential elections in 2004. The main struggle was happening between 2 Victors - Yushchenko and Yanukovych.

The 1st one was a patriot aimed on European values and lifestyle. The latter, who is unfortunately the current president here, is into worshipping everything Russian and giving up national interests for the sake of the ambitious and strong neighbor country.
A part of our family just after the grown-ups have voted. 
I won't go into political stuff too deep here, but  feel free to ask me if you need more info. ^__^

The shitty beliefs and interests of Yanukovych were so obvious that patriotic people out here started mocking at him creating numerous poems and funny pics. Like memes but I'm not sure the concept of "meme" already existed in 2004.
An altered version of billboards with Yanukovych. The actual ones had his pic and captions like "Because he is..." - and some good quality like "a leader", "reliable" etc. This version says: "Becuse he is cute". See, he's wearing makeup!
IT people were so creative that even made a game. Oh wait, I'll first show you what it's based on!

Yanukovych was meeting electors in the West of Ukraine where he isn't much appreciated. Someone hated him so much that threw an egg that crashed on Yanukovych's jacket. The shithead...fainted thinking it was a bullet. XD

The evening news showed him in hospital sitting on a bed staring into the camera with puppy eyes talking about how bad people have been to him even though he came there for good's sake.

 This guy was unlikely to win, people supported him in certain regions only. Partly because he was born there. Nevertheless he won.

Everyone was shocked. And it was obvious that the election's been unfair. Yanukovych supporters voted having checked in using names of those who died long ago, additional voting sheets were brought to voting places, some people were paid for choosing a certain candidate... Lots of crap had been done, including censorship for journalists. Those on TV had a distinctive feature of being told what to cover.

All in all people got so pissed with all of this that they gathered to protest in the main square of Kyiv, the Independence square. They were supporting the other candidate, Victor Yushchenko, who, for that time, was kinda incarnation of Ukrainian patriotism. Orange was the color of his electoral campaign and therefore became a symbol of freedom and a better future for the country.
I went there with mum and uncle

One day met my friend Daria. It was so easy to run into friends, relatives or colleagues there!
Kids were skipping classes, students were skipping classes, grown-ups were leaving offices earlier to go there and support the protesters. Who eventually set up a tent camp right there. They stayed day and night protesting against the unfair election results and the situation Ukraine used to exist within for very long time. Formally independent, but actually being a "little brother" of a neighboring country. Other people were bringing them food and warm clothes - winter was coming closer and the weather was becoming colder and colder with each day.

10 people from Yaremche, the city where we have our country house, came to our place in Kyiv to support the protests. Mum had an ill back - and still went there with me. My best friend lost her new cell phone. And I can confess I sometimes went there hoping to meet my favorite newsreader Ihor Miroshnychenko who is still a role model for me - both as a journalist and as a patriot. And a close friend. :D

Coming back to being creative - those who like it had a vast field for expressing their ideas.

My nails! Had them done in a salon. "Tak!" means "Yes!" in Ukrainian and was the motto of Yushchenko's campaign. 
I forgot about the game! Here's the link: eggs tossing game!
The rules are simple: fire eggs at all except those like the 1st guy on the characters list. That's an elector heading to the voting place. He gets angry if is hit with an egg. Strange, isn't it? ))

All in all political leaders betrayed those who believed in them. Yushchenko turned out to be weak as a politician and rather disrespectful and catty as a person, including relations with his ex-supporters among colleagues. he didn't do anything distinctive in 5 years of office and people were gradually getting disappointed with both him and the ideas they stood for at Maidan - it's a short name the main square of Kyiv is known by.

The latest elections brought Yanukovych to his dream chair. The Presidential one. And now his supporters feel what an ass he pulled the country into. Actually turning it into a CUNTry.

Anyway I'm happy to have participated in the Orange Revolution. Even though it barely brought any results, it's a pleasant memory and an example of the ability of Ukrainians to be united and proud. The bad thing is that they're like this only when the situation is close to a catastrophe.

Photos taken from various sites and my dad's photo archive.

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