Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another cute person: Bleiu

I usually don't write about certain people, but today I ran into a site of a girl who enchanted me instantly.
This is a pic of her I can't stop staring at. I don't now why. I just love it. As well as her bows :D

The girl's name is Bleiu, she makes interesting clothes, draws, does touching self-shots and runs a site that strangely creates a fairy-like mood as soon as you enter it and start surfing around. Or maybe it's me who desperately needs something beautiful to breathe in?

What I also loved about Bleiu is that her look is bold yet natural. She isn't like all those 98% fake gothic/alt models and designers. And it's what made me admire her even more. Looking through her pics I probably understood what feature of her draws attention so much: unlike most girls nowadays, she has kind eyes. <3

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