Saturday, December 17, 2011

A dream dress

I never understood girls who are dying to get certain brand pieces , especially new ones. But when Mokona showed me some pics, I understood that I'm trapped too.
I want this badly:
Love the colors and the sophisticated gothic mood.
The cuffs are cute too, but I've always wondered how people wear them - over a blouse, or just as an addition? I'm not really into showing bare hands...
Yes, I like the bonnet too. Friends here, those from the anime hangout, say that this type of hats looks nice on me. Goths at the FB page like my pics with the exception of the bonnet. Still I find it nice :)

But since I'm taller than most Japanese girls, I'm afraid the original dress won't fit me. (( So I'm thinking of making my own one based on this brand piece. I just can't get what the fabric is, I see there are several types of it... Got to upload the pics to the mobile device to have them handy each time I'm in a fabric shop. ^__^

Hope true Lolitas won't eat me for wishing to make a replica. Even not a complete one. :D


  1. OMG! This dress gorgeous!!

  2. if I have the ability to make a replica I would be proud of myself, this is amazing!