Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Lolita meet-up in Kyiv

Did you know there is a Lolitas community in Ukraine?
Now you officially do. :D We exist, but obey a different legislation than the worldwide community does.

We don't care whether the dress is a brand piece or not. Whether it's perfect handmade or the very 1st dress of a beginner. We don't give a f**k about trends and must-have prints - everyone gets just what corresponds to their likes and style preferences.

No one will kill you for a shorter skirt, gothier makeup or love for filthy language. XD We do speak it out if we feel like doing it in the middle of a tea party. We don't hide who we are, and Lolita fashion is a hobby, not a restriction. We have no time for fighting and talking shit about each other - because it's a big yet friendly company where nice new people are always welcome. The style unites us and saves from the sick world around. Who said we're not allowed to create a fairytale with our own hands and minds? ^__~

All of us were told to prepare small gifts so that we could play a game called "New Year's Elephant" - when al gifts are put together and then randomly chosen.

Adora was doing some holiday crafting, Pushba blogged about helping her daughter to make a figurine of the Snow Maiden, and also the impression from reading Bleiu's blog - all this made me feel like making themed jewelry pieces. Lack of holiday mood assured me that the decision was right. I had some black lace, a suede ribbon of an awesome shade of dark green, a few fake fir tree branches and two cute angels. 

Here's the result:

I also made a box - of thick brown crafting paper and shiny snowflakes. Unfortunately there's no photo, the lighting in my kitchen was extremely bad so late at night. Or was it morning already? Anyway I used this tutorial and it turned out pretty well even though my box still had an opening. The result looked cute after I laced it together with a thin red ribbon. Keep in mind that you need to use a rectangle and not a square piece of cardboard/paper.

It was a bit tricky to find our company in the huge cafe, but eventually we noticed a group of colorful people with weird perfect hair - that was what I thought at once, and realized I thought it this way only after the meeting was over. :D

I think the further story is to be told better with photos. The words will only explain some of them.
All pics have been made by our cute photographers Katerina and Katarinalain <3

Don't tell anyone what we've been doing there, ok? ;)
I chose a rather casual look: still the same black JSK, a black blouse, fake fur collar with a snowflake brooch (not seen here) and furry balls as hair accessories. The lenses here are EOS Bubble Grey of 14,8 mm.
Will you believe if I tell you she is the pink-haired girl from the party in Dnipropetrovsk? Yes, that's Mokona.  I admire her ability to look completely different and adorable in all possible images. :)
Kitsumi is currently studying in Japan and came home for holidays. <3 
Olya and Katarina's sister Victoria. They're real, these aren't porcelain dolls!
And here's Katarina herself :) Finally she's not behind the camera, there's no need to hide such beauty
This time Juri was the most winter-themed girl. A Snow Maiden: Lolita version ^__^
Some cute details :)

The gift I got :) Someone must have read my thoughts - I desperately needed strawberry hair accessories for my casual outfit ;) They're so cute!!! I'll soon show them in action.
Katarina should have thought of her biggest wish - it would have come true. The reason is that she's standing between 2 girls who have the same name. :)))
Sharing some love <3
Nastya ^___^ We're planning a great trip with her... ;)
Light outfit, dark hand; dark outfit, white hand = one heart =)
Prince and princess Mokona
Nastya, the living sweetness. Sugar and spice and everything nice - this is about her. 


  1. i miss you sooooo much!! love the pictures dear and i cant wait to talk to you again

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  3. You are so adorable! I love all the details.