Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are Dutch and Russian alike? O_o

5 AM on the clock, and I'm still working. I love it :D
Translating an article written by Vlad the Dutch friend <3. The article is in English, but the author's native one is Dutch. I'm translating from English into Russian, and words of the latter perfectly fit the expressions Vlad used in his English.

English and Russian are completely different according to me. I'm rather fluent in both even though Russian sometimes challenges my brain. So it must be Vlad's thinking in the Dutch way represented in English expressions that matches the peculiarities of Russian language perfectly?

How I wish I could speak Dutch... At least I'd make this issue clear, now I'm just too curious. Does anyone of my followers speak both Dutch and Russian? ^___~

Or maybe it's just time for me to go to sleep?
Typing and drinking the night away. :)) Sorry for the crappy look, hikikomori mode on for these days, a dance class last evening and hair healing procedures that make roots insane. -___-

Are Russian and Dutch really alike?


  1. nice pic in movement hah
    I think russian is difficult and strange. I speak english and spanish and no way of thinking to speak another language.

    1. Thanks)) Discovered an app to make them))
      LOL sometimes it is)) and has the most offensive foul words)
      I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and some German, and can say German is "just like Ukrainian, only completely different" =)