Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Metal guys bring good luck: Monolit, the metal band.

I have a very personal superstition: if I see a cute metalhead/rock style guy - the day's gonna be a success. When some nasty girl is next to him - get ready for a lousy 24-hours time. 

It's already been a day with a tough P.E. class in the morning in April of 2008. I was going to university for more classes by my most hated means of transport - the  crowded metro of Kyiv. Industrial music in the earphones didn't make things better, and I felt doomed for a shitty day and a boring evening. 

I spotted a cute long-haired guy and started entertaining myself by trying to stare at him without making him notice it.
Girls, do you know who he is? *___*
As soon as some people left the train, I saw one more rock-star-like guy, then another one... 
Holy f**k, how many of those are here? - I thought getting a high dose of curiosity.

Nevertheless I quickly switched my thoughts to some work-related stuff. As soon as I did it, one of those guys started talking to me. Having taken the phones off I understood that they're a band, and the one who talked to me handed an invitation to their concert.

How do you know what my job is??? - I asked him. He said he doesn't, and then I revealed that I'm a journalist. (Later the band's frontman told me it was him who spotted a goth-dressed girl and asked his friend to invite me. Shame on my staring skills! -__-)

We met again in a week so that they could arrange me a press pass, and things were made clear. 
The long-haired men in leather and chains turned out to be a metal band named Monolit. They were heading home to the city of Shostka after a festival.
I'm proud to know them^__^
Here's their cute frontman's new personal blog - it's in Russian, but feel free to use me or Google translate. ^__^ 
By the way, that guy's name is Kostyantyn, he likes anime and does...break-dance. He's also the frontman of a dance crew named "Leader" that also sometimes shows up at their concerts. 
It's not only rock music and an unrelated type of dancing that he does. Kostyantyn is the head of the department of underground youth issues of a local culture center in the city of Shostka.

And here's a page in English where you can listen to some of their tracks - Monolit on ReverbNation.

The guy who handed me the invitation has become my close friend. 
One of those "scandalous" photographs
 His name is Anton and he's the advertising manager of the band. I can say he's like a brother to me, but nevertheless we've become the subject of tons of rumors - both because of friendly hugs and his protecting me at concerts - he knows about my eyesight trouble and always saves me from the mosh while I'm taking photos.
I don't see anything else while taking pics of these guys, and they always pose well on stage
As I got to know new things about guys from Monolit, more and more curious facts arose about each of them. 

Their guitarist Max is interested in almost anything and changes his style easily - I can say his experiments with hair, piercings, clothes and even makeup are the most drastic of all I've seen on this bands members.
Pasha the bass guitarist is their graphic designer and studies arthitecture. Most of artworks you can see on Monolit's CD covers are by him.
Serhiy the drummer adores beer and, as Kostya told me, hardly ever rehearses at home - and still does  perfect at gigs. LOL I remember his falling from the stage when he thought there was a wall behind a banner. XDD
Their ex-member, the 2nd guitarist Kolya, is a historian, and wore glasses even on stage therefore being sometimes called a professor.
Interviewing - at the 1st concert of them that I've attended.

I just like this photo
 You think they're so fluffy and oh-so-cute? No way! They almost made me fall from the stairs last year! I was taking a pic of them on stage standing  on the edge of a steep staircase. It's been a day or 2 after my birthday, and Kostya congratulated me. I was so shocked, happy and surprised that lost balance and would have fallen if Anton wasn't there. :))
Pic unrelated ^^
They're about to release a bunch of new stuff soon, Kostya is going to attend some anime or j-rock event with me and my friends, and I can't wait for their next gig in Kyiv since I skipped the last one for a stupid reason of not being able to find the club. 

And an unhappy part - so that my readers wouldn't forget that I'm a grumpy depressive goth: even though I've known them for years, I still have no photos with the whole lineup. T_T

News time: Monolit are currently releasing their new single online in several parts. 
Cover of part 1, the name is "Gentle Poison". Truly goth, isn't it?
What is more - it's officially available for free download - part 1 is here. The download site is in Russian, but I made a quick instructions picture - please don't kill me for editing skills. :))
Download: step 1
Download: step 2. Click on the images to enlarge.
Latest news: TOMORROW at 20:00 the 2nd part will be released! 
They already revealed the cover of the 2nd part
 You can look for it at Monolit's website or their Facebook, but I'm also going to post it here and on my official FB. ^___^ Can't wait to hear their newest experiments and...to see Kostya's new image - he told me he has changed his look again, but I haven't seen them live since... last spring as far as I remember.

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