Monday, January 30, 2012

Ukrainian cosplay on Japanese TV

And lolitas, of course. One sweet day I woke up because of a phone call of Alexia, the girl responsible for cosplay shows at the Otobe festival. She invited me as a lolita for a Japanese TV crew who are making a program about Ukraine so that the Japanese would get to know what country (or CUNTry?) hosts this year's Euro.XDD At least something good from this championshiT that made our university force us to study on Saturdays. >___<

They wanted to talk to Mona, the winner of last year's Otobe lolitas contest, and Mokona, our leader. Unfortunately Mokona wasn't feeling well today, so Juri was there instead. :) And yesterday I was lucky to have  coffee with Vitaly, one of the responsible Otobe people - I've heard a lot about him, but didn't know personally, and it was him who was to guide us to the interview place. I felt blessed - not all smart and polite and nice guys have disappeared in Ukraine. I really enjoyed the evening.

Coming back to Japanese TV...I didn't know what to do with my freshly dyed hair and eventually decided to wear it loose under the bonnet. Hours of straightening... The girls loved the result, but I still don't find it even nice. Perfectly straight hair sometimes becomes my obsession.

I didn't have any special accessories, just put on my fave cameo, the new locket I bought last December, and 2 fave rings - gifts from Juri and Mokona. <3 Missing lower lashes have been replaced by separate ones - yeah, true hell to apply, but I managed to put a few of those little bitches along the fake lower lashline I drew. My sister from Mexico, Mary, sent me a nice way of doing lower lashes, and I followed the lashes pattern suggested there. ^^

No nice pics are available for now, I only made a blurry ghostly and masculine ipad shot while on the bus to the destination. :P
Mind that winter has come to Ukraine with hellishly frosty weather up to -27 degrees Celsius as they forecast. T__T Makeup gets cracked, eyelashes fall off, powder gathers in disgusting flakes and the nose gets the shade of an ape's ass.Hell yeah, this is Ukrainian winter.

Having come to the haunted-looking building - I hoped there would be ghosts, of course - everyone started to change/correct makeup/help ech other etc, while the TV crew were setting everything up.
We've been here ^^ Pic not mine, it's from the net
One of the Japanese from the crew is married to a Ukrainian, and they speak English at home. We answered the questions in Ukrainian and Russian, they will later translate the soundbites into Japanese.

Mona said that the style suits European girls too since it's based on images of European women of a certain era. Juri admitted that Japanese people are more polite than those here - I agree that they're unlikely to shout the words lolitas often hear from people here in Kyiv. I was asked about how I've come to the lolita style - told them that traditinal goth style turned out too adult and cruel for me, and that's not really what I am like inside.

And thank you Japanese people for being tolerate and understanding my jokes and signs! :D Having been   asked about age I used my usual answer: I'm old. I'm so old that cannot remember my age, and the documents have been lost with archives. (Now you now why I like Kerli's "Love Is Dead" music video that much ^^) The Japanese man said that I look good! These words warmed me up greatly, and

It's also been fun helping a stunning cosplayer to move in her outfit - it was long and the 3 lolitas were following her everywhere holding the folds and tails and beads so that she wouldn't wipe the floor. Hope that girl will soon come to the lolitas meetup. :)

Going home had been a small dance adventure today. Dirty dancing on ice with curse-singing. A great show, isn't it? XD And still I crawled to the nearby shop to get coffee and chocolate. :) About to go to bed now...

Have a nice day if you're awake, and sweet dreams if you're on the same side of Earth where I am. =))

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