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2 days of partying. Friends and J-rock.

Written on 19.03.2011, posted after it's been edited and the author has had a sweet makeupless nap.
Sorry for the cell phone pics, they're here because I haven't got the good ones yet. Those will be posted at my official FB page as soon as received.

An endless awesome party. It's probably what I've been dreaming of but couldn't tell myself what it is. I'll start from Day 1...

On Friday I skipped classes to sew, then shopping for lashes and eyeshadows with Kitsumi. After this we went to the rehearsal at Mokona's place together. As you might have already guessed, out rehearsals can be counted as separate parties because we have fun each time we meet. But this wasn't the end of Friday's good happenings!

That evening a friend from Moscow was to come. We were going to meet him together with Yuu Kuraibara, a friend from our visual kei hangout. As it always happens when nice people gather - the meeting overreached midnight. Having come home I sat down to sew, but headache made me fall asleep and I took the risk I've always fear - finishing the sewing in the morning of the day of the performance.

Day 2, the day of the show. I woke up at 8. Had tea. Forgot to mention that I've recently had some weird food poisoning (though dad says it's been nothing else than exhaustion ) and puked for 2 nights. The puke party!! Why not? XD Maybe this is the reason why people at the main event, the Orochi concert I've just came back from, told me nice things about my skinny waist. Puke 2 nights - and the waist is yours! :P The secret is sickly simple.

Having finished the outfit I understood I'm not feeling too exhausted and started making butterflies. I was doing makeup when Kitsumi called me asking where the hell I am reminding I should already be at her place. It was  there where we were going to set off from.

My choice of shoes was based on the possible speed of my running, and it was wise of me to make my skirt long. (It can be worn both as a short and a long one.) Having come out I understood it's SNOWING heavily. I thanked God I was going to do my hair already in the club. I was running with my coat not done up, in a typical goth skirt, with extremely messy half-wet hair and ONE bottom eyelash applied - the 2nd one was in my bag. Not the best look, but even this didn't give local teens a right to call me an ugly monster. My skeleton glove showed them a finger. ^__~

Finally we set off to the club. Impolite security workers and waiting for almost hours made us pissed off as well as lack of a normal dressing room. Some people started doing makeup while waiting. We took their example up, and I learnt how to put fake eyelashes on other people. All girls I've helped still have their eyes, don't worry. ;)

The time for my hairstyle came. I pulled a pile of suspicious disgusting tangled black hair out of my bag. Juri, Nastya and I almost laughed our lashes off. Girls helped me to do the hair and pierce butterflies.
Pic taken at home, posting it only to give you the idea what the hairdo was like.

Finally ready for the last rehearsal on the stage...and we're being told there's gonna be no rehearsal!!! We only showed Mokona the way we'll die and tried not to forget the versions she approved.

The 1st band's performance, the 2nd's  - and we're going down to the stage. On the way I noticed Yuu and de Marco waving their hands to me. I felt more confident and understood I have no right to be scared. Not to forget when we go out... Rose petals to throw on our Dark Prince... And we're there!
Pic found on the net by some kind people. I'm being told I'm standing on Kitsumi's skirt.

I did mess something up. I went out too late and our fight with Mona wasn't the way we had it planned. What is more, I might have turned my back to the audience, and if so, I'm happy I had a curious outfit detail that's exactly on the back. I accidentally pulled Mona's corset with my rose and it took me some efforts to take it out. Finally it was time for her to kill me, she stabbed me with her hairpin and choked with the necklace - and I REALLY fell down. With open eyes to be able to see what's going on and when to stand up. Still I had to turn my head a bit to see the ending. I decided to make a "last move" -  turned my head (which a killed person is unlikely to do) but then dropped the black rose as if I didn't die immediately. I hope that didn't look too funny and the people who later came and told us it was awesome were sincere. :)

Being photographed, saying hi to all friends and meeting some awesome new people, having a drink with Mona and Juri, hugs with Nastya, talking with de Marco, Helg and Yuu... I even can't remember all friends I've met but I should write that it's more than cool to have so many friends that it's hard to remember everyone I've met this evening.

It was a very nice surprise when Akane came. She's going to have her own little princess in a couple of months ;) I feel more lolitas are to appear in Kyiv soon. Yulyasha joined us later when the Japanese band Orochi was already on the stage.

To be honest I didn't expect they'll sound that cool. I liked the recorded songs found online but didn't believe my 1st impression. I don't mean to offend anyone but I remember the Japanese band at a festival last year - they sounded ok on the net but the live show was awful as well as the vocalist wasn't very respectful to the audience.

Orochi exceeded all limits of positive expectations I had. They made most people go wild, but what pleased me a lot was that it's been polite. Unlike the scary and often cruel mosh at "usual" rock concerts.We were standing close to the stage and didn't even have our outfits or hair damaged. Though it wasn't easy to dance in what I was wearing. :) I loved the outfits and makeup of the band members, and after the show Mamoru told me he touched the guys - they were close enough to let willing fans reach them. I like it when musicians are not arrogant.

Ichigo Kissaten have been kinda...cosplayed. By the Japanese guys on the stage. Our princes had a swords fight for the princess, my cell phone contains a vid of one of its rehearsals at Mokona's flat ))) In the middle part of their show Orochi started doing the same thing that looked just like what our girls did. LOL we honestly didn't know they'll perform it. And I don't think they have ever heard about us and our idea.
At the beginning of the party I was a bit upset because didn't see Sith, a friend who made my after-classes evenings much better these weeks. Some days before he told me he might be unable to come. But his appearing at the Orochi performance made me happy for the... I-don't-remember-what-time happy this evening. =)

Sitting with some friends, dancing with other friends, drinking with another friends. What can be better? Yeah, non-alcoholic drinking of course, the waitress looked at us like at freaks. LMAO ))
With Nastya - pic to be sent to my mother :)

For some reason people think I'm arrogant like most goths of Kyiv. Some girls came to me in the end of the party telling their friend was dying to talk to me but was too shy. I smiled and said I only bite for fun. :) I was even embarrassed by such respect and courtesy. The girls turned out to be extremely nice and cute and one even speaks Ukrainian in everyday life, exactly like I do!

I told mum that I'll come home extremely late. De Marco and I were in the  mood to go on hanging out. A nice chat in a cute cafe, a change of mood from the outgoing one to a sweetly tired and romantic. I didn't have to play the role anymore. Even though I'm real all the time while partying I still try to keep a certain face in case I don't notice a photographer somewhere.

P.S. I really didn't notice one. When Kitsumi started stroking my face with her claws I thought she's teasing me and licked the claws taking up the game. But then noticed her posing and a photographer a few stairs below. LOL I don't know what the pics will look like but I'm curious. And...looking forward to the next party!

Unrelated to any paragraphs above, I can't help saying this. I'm more than happy to have seen my friends of different hangouts getting along with each other. <3
UPD: Thanks to Pugoffka-sama for making and uploading the professional pics. They're on both of my Facebook pages but I'll add them here in case someone hasn't been trapped in that network. ^__~
A part of my Anna-inspired outfit. Still got to re-paint the butterflies. 

With Reiha, a hellisly cute girl, cool friend and crazy clothes designer/artist <3

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