Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extreme shoot

Had an interesting photoshoot last weekend. Now drinking green tea that smells like cookies, holding a furry cookie on my laps and writing this post. :) Sopor Aeternus in the phones if you're curious ^_~

It's the 1st time I was working with this photographer, I didn't know who she was. But when we met I had the strange feeling we've known each other for years. Victoria turned out to be a sweet and funny girl who helped me feel comfortable during the shoot.

Our 1st destination was an abandoned building colleagues told Victoria about. We had to buy cigarettes before going there. Local shops didn't have them or chewing gum (both of us don't smoke so it was kinda challenge) so the photographer decided to ask some guys for a cigarette. LOL imagine a nice fragile girl asking for that))) They wondered if she smokes what they have but we only needed it for the shoot and it  didn't make any difference. I'm grateful to Victoria for lighting that thing for me, believe it or not I don't know how it's done. Yuck, my manicure still stinks. One more reason why I don't smoke.

The floors were about to break. Stairs that were already being ruined. Still we climbed in. I was sitting on a windowsill in Victoria's jacket and lolita boots holding a cigarette. LOL that was fun despite in winter the house has been used as a home and toilet for homeless people. Having done the shots we got out and were more than happy about being able to breathe fresh air. And how proud we were for having been brave enough to get into that place!

It was cool that Victoria came by car. What a warm place it is after a shoot! We discovered there was frost since water in puddles turned into ice. The funniest thing is that I didn't feel cold while being photographed. Thanks to the photographer's sweet and open-hearted personality I felt more than comfortable and could pose being quite real. The shaking and goosebumps came when we were already running to the warm red car. :))

The next place we headed to was an interesting house at the Podil district of Kyiv. A staircase with swirls and brightly painted green walls - like in some acid fairytale. *why the hell did I remember the Flesh&Space band then? Probably because I have "Dance Rejected" as a message ringtone!*   I changed the outfit and sat down on the stairs. Some shots and then back to the warm car.

"Stillborn street". Location 3. I made the name up. :P The street is ready now and many offices are already  working. Still it keeps the silent and somehow brightly morbid mood. The "star cloth" of the shoot was the weird thing I made a day before. It's a strap of black fleece lined with cotton lace. We matched it with... my petticoat!

An image like that is very unfamiliar to me, I've never been so...naked. Some pics look interesting on the camera, and this was the look that made me really freeze. I ran to the car rather fast to put the red skirt on and lay down on the stones. I was already shaking then but we made a few shots and then Victoria saved me with her black jacket. It was much more comfortable to pose in it and my beloved blue jeans.

This was the last image and she drove me to the place where I was getting home from. And again I felt as if we had known each other for ages. A cute talk with laughs, discussion of insect-like men, clothes and makeup... Victoria liked my makeup!!! It's such an honour for me! Then I managed to get home still having my lower lashes on - their edge was torn off and I feared losing them on the way. I should mention that they're quite an uncomfortable makeup torture. Though they do give the shape of eyes gyaru girls have. :)

Today's makeup tip. 
I mostly wash my face off as soon as I come home from shoots. The skin feels tired after wearing a thick layer of everything, right? If I only apply usual care products, I might end up with uneven flour-face effect in next morning's makeup. The goth who is allergic to many well-known products has discovered a way out. Try using something of kids' cosmetics. I bought a cream for children's skin and apply it on the face after taking heavy makeup off. It gives a nasty shiny effect but why should you care if you're going to stay home alone? Ok, I don't think your cat would mind it as well. :P When you wake up and wash the face, the daily gothic makeup is more likely to look neat and natural.

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