Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hrytsia goes out

The cute tabby had her first event outside home today. We went to visit grandparents, aunt and cousin. And took her with us. Her red collar and leash suit her perfectly, and she behaved awesome in the car. At least mum and dad told me because I joined them later - had to write the press review for tomorrow's morning news at ICTV. For the interested - they're at 8:45 in the morning. ^__~

No wonder the kitty was hugged and kissed by everyone who was there. At first she was hiding in the bedroom but later her usual playful-and-curious mode turned on and she started exploring the flat. Finally I showed cousin and aunt my fave trick with Hrytsia. Mum hates it and says I torture the cat, but I'm a professional cat teaser and enjoy that. I made her run in circles again. :) Feel free to ask me how. :P

My cat has a fetish. I've noticed that she adores... Annas. She sits quiet on the laps of my mum whose name is Anna, and today she cuddled with my cousin who is also Anna.
My cute cousin and cat

Time for the fashion part. 
I don't like the International Women's Day because of it's Soviet meaning. For my family it's just another opportunity to have a cute home party and give presents to all girls among us. In common greetings people often mention that it's "a holiday of spring". This is one of the reasons why I decided to wear as many flowers as I can without feeling uncomfortable in the coat. Really tired of frosty weather that makes skin crack. T_T

 I'll reveal one of my small secrets - flowers are a way to look bright without spending much time on dressing up. They also make the fastest comfortable hairstyles. And they always look nice with black.

Sorry for the bad pic, but I only had my cell phone today. You can also notice my furry cuffs that turned out rather comfortable for everyday.
LOL a bathroom pic. But there's a big mirror!

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