Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's your name again, what is in it for me?

How have you come up with your name? Tell me in the comments! ^__~

I'm not calling it a nickname because I know most people have their stage names as their second real-life ones. A nickname for me is something more like a username.

Believe it or not - I don't remember where my name comes from. The only thing that has been kept in my memory is that many years ago I bought a girls' magazine, read about online chats and found a link to a site of hygienic pads. XD They claimed their homepage was kinda girls' club. I went to dad's office and entered that chat with the name of "Wild Orchid". Since then I've "worn" different versions of this name. Some of my articles for "Sacratum" have this in the byline.

Some people told me that "Wild Orchid" reminds them of an erotic movie, this fact started to bother me with time, especially when I learnt about modeling and posting pics online. What is more, by that time my friends started calling me Orchid. That's how I came to using this as a name and was satisfied with it for quite a long time.

When I got into online modeling deeper I noticed that most girls have some freaky names and second names. I didn't feel like making up something I call "food + poison/tools/profanity/disgusting things", but "Orchid" wasn't recognizable enough. Registering at Facebook also put the "second name question" in front of me, that time I used "AcidBlue" - an influence of Mana. ;)
This was my accessory at Tori Fest 2008. It died in...2 weeks! And smelled like ether. :

The German version of the name, Orchidee, came after Dennis, the German prince entered my life and brought the light that brought me back to life. I often draw him - even though I can't draw at all.
The Light of my life
 Friends often asked me why I like wearing spiked chokers so much. It's them who called me "the thorny orchid", I only translated it into German in honor of The Prince. The first time I called myself "Orchidee Stachelig" was at ModelMayhem.

The curious detail is that hardly anyone can pronounce my name correctly in Ukraine. :)
I've often heard that my name is "not goth enough", but I don't care. To be honest, over-the-top goth names make me giggle.

I have a nickname. It's the one I use here and at some other sites - Eurofighter.
It came from a song - despite I mostly disapprove taking names from fave music, it looks...awkward, not to say anything worse.

"Eurofighter" by E-Type has been my mood-saver during one of the toughest times in my life that came a few days later after I met Martin in person. I know that "Eurofighter" is a name of an aircraft, and even though it's completely different from those My Prince flies (he's into gliding as a hobby) it has a light resemblance of his personality.

Last but not least, the weirdest reason why I chose it. I'm strongly into Ukraine's joining the European community, I don't want to be considered a person from a retarded country that licks the ass of a neighboring land with rudeness as a modern national feature. There are people who want to live on a proper level, who know how to behave and have passion and ideas to work towards being seen as respected people. Isn't this a type of fighting? I think it is and I'm going to become even more skilled in it. ;)

I agree that my reasons, views and explanations are childish and naive. Please forgive me. I'm not like those genius creative eternally positive young people that contaminate the internet.

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