Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting torn or The Floral Post

Those who have seen me during the last few months might agree that I look like a complete LOL, without a certain style and with bad makeup. The latter is what worries me most of all and I can't get why I lost my makeup skills. But the "style swings" have a reason.
I feel like I'm being torn between at least 3 goth styles.

The 1st one, the look I'll need for the next Ichigo Kissaten performance, is typically gothic, Victorian, the main example of what I want to look like is Anna Varney. What I learnt yesterday is that I won't tease my real hair for the two-bun updo, they're hellishly hard to untangle afterwards. T_T

The 2nd style branch is more like a mix of fairy/glitter goth like Adora BatBrat and a rivethead style with all those military inspired jackets and comfortable trousers. An idea for wearing to the office. The BatBrat goth is for a more romantic mood.

#3 is something that creeps me out. Almost a sweet lolita, but not like those printed OTTs. It's a sickly  princess-y lace monster, or a Victorian punk like Emilie Autumn in her early times.

I'd say there's nothing bad into switching looks, but there's one big problem: no time to sew all!
Now I'm working on:
 - the Victorian outfit for the show
 - a white lace monster dress
 - the black jacket for wearing to work
 - trousers with laces to match the thing mentioned above.
And now I'll scare you a bit. Here's the mess that has been holding a tea party on my table for the last 40 minutes:
 I love making newspaper patterns - first of all letters are good guidelines. What is more - I read while I'm working with them.

And here's the cute lace fabric I bought to put over the black one on the blouse:

In the meantime I go on wearing flowers and beautiful bugs in the hair, thinking of sewing some more chokers with flowers instead of spikes and making a purple orchid brooch to wear with all those hairclips of the same color.
And... I have a rose. It's a gift from a very nice person ^___~

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