Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coffee with cat

While I'm working on a big fat post about fake eyes I'll show you my cool addition to coffee. Yeah, coffee with a furry bun tastes awesome ^^


  1. тигрица)))

  2. Оце точно. Тому й (ти)Гриця =)))

  3. Supercute cat you have ^__^
    thanks for letting a comment btw! I
    think you've made a point there, yes!


  4. Thanks!! I will tell her, she has finally killed her superpowerful batteries and is sleeping beside me )))
    Thank you for the comment as well, your blog is awesome! :)

  5. I'm drawn to your profile pic coz the eye make up looks similar to what I have for my 2009 halloween.

    I love your cat. She's so sweet. I have a penchant for cats. I used to have one but she passed away a few years back.

  6. Thanks ^^ Well, that makeup is kinda everyday for me, it's for special occasions where I might give up and let tears go.

    Thanks!! She's adorable yet impossibly active. I wonder where her batteries are ^^

    I'm sorry about your loss... My precious Kesha passed away almost a year ago, I still can't accept it. I think I have 2 kitties: one here and one up there in Heaven with my mum's parents, some other relatives and God who is holding a cool tea party for all of them :))

    Btw this profile pic was taken on one of the days when I had to take Kesha to the hospital for IV-medication...

  7. Thank you for following. I've followed you too as I would always feel acquanited with cat lovers.

    I like your take on God holding a cool tea party for everyone. =) What's the name of this kitty in the picture? My cat's name is Simba, name after Lion King coz she looked like a little lion cub back then.

    I'm seeing 2 different profile pictures of you. The one I was referring to that reminds me of my 2009 Halloween is the one where the bottom eyeliner looks streaked with tears. I see another profile picture from my follower list too. How strange.

  8. <3
    I'm sure our kitties are friends there. I hope they don't bother God too much by pulling His shoe laces ^^ Btw I wonder what shoes God wears :))

    This tabby looked like a tiger in her childhood ))) Her name is Hrytsia. :)) When I was a kid we had a male kitty named Hryts' - a common cats' name here. He was a tabby and since then I call all tabbies "Hryts' - colored cats". We also thought it might be a boy when mum brought her, and wanted to name him Hryts', nothing else could be associated with her look. But the kitten turned out to be a girl and we changed the name so that it sounds female.

    There's another meaning: in Ukrainian "tyhrytsia" means "a female tiger", and the expression "ty Hrytsia" is for "you are Hrytsia". =)

    Yes, one is in the Blogger profile while the other photo is from Google profile. The one with tears is from that sad day, and the one with pink butterflies is from the latest show of our band if it can be called this way :))

  9. Haha... Playing with God’s shoelaces. What a cute image. Thanx for taking the time and explaining to me the meaning of your cat’s name. I’m having difficulty pronouncing the name in my tongue tongue though. I guess 4 consonants together in a word is rather difficult to pronounce in English.

    I read a little on your past posts. I must say you’re quite an intriguing person. On the one hand, you seem all so goth and melancholic yet on the other, you’re really a sweet and gorgeous lady with a love for cats.

    No wonder there are 2 pictures of you! Your sad day picture is so beautiful. Sorry I don’t mean to be offensive but sometimes there is such beauty in melancholy. I cried for a few days when Simba died. Everytime I thought of her that period, tears would just stream and my colleagues could actually tell me that my eyes look very beautiful that day. o_O How ironic. Oh btw, the eye make up I was referring to can be seen here:
    Scroll to the last post of that page.

    I’m always glad to have a 2-way connection with bloggers and I will come back here for more when you update. Hope to see you around. =)

  10. Yes, Ukrainian cat names must be challenging for English-speaking people ^^

    Thank you so much!!! It's a great honor for me to hear these words since many people don't like me because of being goth, they have prejudice against me because of what most local goths are. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, I'm asexual and faint if I see blood. I'm against cruelty and can even say I'm too childish to be a proper goth according to Ukrainian beliefs ^^ I love wearing bright clothes too and hate slutty behavior. I'm kinda "ethergoth" as they call it.

    It's not offensive at all, Kesha hated it when I cried and loved biting me then ))) Though the day after my divorce he came on my laps and started to lick the tears off. =)
    Awesome makeup!!! I think it's good for many occasions ^__^