Friday, September 2, 2011

Black metal butterfly

I decided to check the mailbox on the way home today. And how happy I became when noticed a big yellow envelope! I already knew what there is but couldn't wait to see it for real.

I wasn't mistaken - the package was from Jose Luis who sent the "Black Metal Agenda" CDs with me on the cover.
Proofpics? Here they are:

Of course I fed my laptop with it. Jut as track 3 began, a butterfly flew into the kitchen through the open window!

And was detected by Hrytsia at once. An angry meow showed me where the damn insect sat down while I started trying to catch it. It's been a challenge since the butterfly was always resting on the ceiling.>_<

I grabbed the cell phone and tried taking a vid - still running around, cursing and screaming when the butterfly touched me. Yuck, it's feet are disgusting as well as the wings when they're moving.

One foot on the fridge, the other one on the sofa, trying to avoid stepping on the angrily meowing cat... got it! And threw out of the window. Yes, I am that cruel.

The CD was playing during the whole butterfly hunt, and the insect's moves matched the music pretty good. Still laughing like an insane I transferred the vids and tried to edit them to show what exactly was going on. )))

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