Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On bands and people

It's not the first time it happens to communities I'm in. But it is the first time when this happens in front of me. When I'm directly involved in it. I can say it hurts as if all intestines were being burned out. As some of you alredy know, Ichigo Kissaten disbanded a few days ago. 

  Whatever insincere it might sound, that's been more than a cosplay band. A company of friends that were doing stage stuff for fun, and it turned out  more or less successful.  That's what Ichigo Kissaten has been for me.

Disappearance of a band loses its boldness in front of another thing I find terrible. The relations between people will never be the same again. For me personally it's the friendship that counts more than anything else. And I'd do anything to save it. I only wish I knew what can be done...

As far as I remember all trouble in bands often start after drastic lineup changes. This time the official reason of the band's breakup is bad acting skills of its members and unwillingness to learn. Yes, many people weren't attending rehearsals and could barely do the things stated in the script. Here's where I feel fuckin guilty for my 3 freelance projects that often made me either skip rehearsals or be late for them. But still... I tried hard. Both to attend and to develop my almost non-existing acting skills. I understand photo modeling and runway are totally different from that, so even practiced at home to come to rehearsals a little bit more ready.

We didn't have these problems with the previous lineup. Probably because that was a relatively small company of close friends who didn't want to let each other down. We knew why we were doing it, and somehow it turned out to be easy and successful. No one should doubt it required efforts. But they didn't seem hard to make because we had a common purpose. Looks like this time we didn't. "United we stand, divided we fall..." - as my fave Stratovarius band sings. We weren't as "united" as we used to be before. And we got the result.

I don't blame any of new people of what has happened. I guess some of them are either too young to understand seriousness of some things, or too arrogant to accept the fact that it's damn hard to participate in up to 3 shows at the same event. All of them are good people and I'd gladly be friends with all of them. But a common business is slighty different. By "business" here I mean something we do together for a purpose other than our personal one.

This small page in the hangout's history looks like...Ukrainian politics. No good idea lives for long because people start arguing over everything they can do it about. Eventually it's not only the idea that dies, but also interpersonal relations and good hangouts.

Of course unpleasant things are sometimes necessary like austerity measures in Greece a few months ago. But they should be done in a calm manner with possible explanation of why it's this way. Emotional breakouts and flushing mud on each other should't be done in ANY case. It only kills all frindly relations that are damn hard to gain in the modern world. Letting each othe down is appropriate only if you want to destroy the relations. I still don't think friendship deserves it.

I'm deeply upset  with what has happened. Still I put on a pair of pink glasses hoping some pieces of our relations haven't died yet and might behave like a worm. Or at least a lizard.

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