Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why do people drink?

One sweet Friday my friend Brian asked me a curious yet simple question: why do people drink?

I've thought of it many times before, but it was exactly that evening when I managed to give the answer a certain shape.

Because adult people cannot be happy without additional support. And when they feel bad - they're too weak to deal with the reason by themselves. Kids don't drink not only because shitty grown-ups don't let them. They just dont need it - since they're simply happy when friends are around, and sad if a parent spanks them - but then they find a teddy bear to cuddle with and feel better afterwards. Without hangovers after sadness or empty arguments caused by drunk misunderstanding. I'm also for the teddy bear way of dealing with hard times. :P

I can't get why peole think drinking is necessary. Meeting friends is good, right? Enjoy the company. Why do you want to do it with an alcohol-biased mind? Are you so sick of your friends?
Feeling bad is hardly ever a reason to drink. I only support it when a person needs to turn off immediately. Still I think in this case only something tasty should be used. :)

Alcohol isn't a way to make things better. It's never a substitute because it's just a chemical. Not more. And I consider it a personal offense when a guy drinks at a date with me, or already comes drunk. People under the influence of alcohol scare me to death, and I can even bitchslap a friend if he/she is drunk.

Another thing is when a person likes the taste of a drink. And the Universe happened to create this drink in a way that it contains alcohol. Then it's a question of enjoying the taste and not filling your brain with a chemical to change the state of mind. It's the same thing as enjoying any other drink, and I don't think it's bad.

Brian likes drinking beer while I prefer coffee. On Fridays we often enjoy each other's company, different kinds of music and our fave drinks. We do it for pleasure and not for after-effects. We don't need them even though we're almost not kids. :P

I also like some drinks that contain alcohol. Martini goes perfect with a slice of lemon, hot wine with cinnamon  and honey is for cold Carpathian winters, and I love German beer when I'm in the right mood. I like the taste of these drinks.  But I can't have them each time I ant because of health issues.
And here's a proofpic: beer and me. The beer was non-alcoholic, and one of the glasses is mum's Honestly.
Circle lenses, you know...
 I don't understand why people drink to get high for fun. Maybe they're unlucky not to know other ways of entertainment? If so, I'm sorry for them... T_T


  1. Is there really non alcoholic beer? If so, I learn soemthing new from your blog each time I visit.

    I'm a social drinker. I don't like the taste of many types of alcohol but those I like, I would drink like nobody's business. I haven't been drinking alcohol for a long time. I think half a year. I used to drink them every few weeks when I was much younger.

  2. Yes, even famous German brands sometimes have it. Tastes like beer, just doesn't give you any special effects ^__^
    I'm happy to provide something new, this is a part of my main job as a journalist :))

    Hell yeah, all of us must have abused that when we were kids. Who didn't want to be a grown-up? ^__^

    Being a social drinker is ok for girls, but never for guys XDDD