Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vacation photos

One of my press reviews at work contained an article that said people get depressed after vacations, and even more than they used to be before. Getting back to work is depressing, as they think.

For me it's the people of Kyiv. The city itself. This is what makes me sad. But I make tons of pics when on vacation - to watch and cheer myself up. I'd like to share them with you.
No professional photos, awful editing. :)
Notice the captions. ^__^
On the train. Happy, of course - the coffee tasted well, and on the same day I met Ihor Miroshnychenko, the friend with whom we couldn't get in touch for a long time just because both were busy :)

My mum studied at this school

It says "Do not dig" because there's some cable under the ground. I always LMAO at this because in Ukrainian it might be read as "Don't kick". (the word "kopAty" is for "to dig" while "kOpaty" means "to kick")

Met a kitty on the way to the city! It was an impolite cat - ran away without saying hello to me. >_<

I love flowers. Weird, isn't it? ))

The ad of concrete. It says "Any volume available". I wonder how many car accidents have happened on that piece of the road...

A bus for tourists. In Ukrainian the word written on it can be understood as "into an oak tree" (this sounds like "v duba"in our language). Where the hell does that bus bring people? Might there be a secret way to Hogwarts that goes through an oak tree somewhere here?

The fountain in the center of Yaremche. I regret not having bathed in it... 

Reading one of my fave newspapers. What I like about it - and hate about some other examples of quality press - is that their articles contain no arrogant position of the author. I want to write with an attitude like that and as simple as it is The Times and Wall Street Journal.

The dentist's office in Yaremche has an apartment on the 2nd floor. I don't know who lives there, but there's always much laundry hanging on their balcony. I'm curious about that big family. :) And their place reminds me of an old worldwide  fairytale - of those Swedish and Danish ones.

Did you know about my fetish before? No? So here it is: electricity towers and poles and wires! I photograph them everywhere and all the time. This one is right opposite my window. 

A market in the village of Mykulychyn. Someone was selling a bunny :)

Chicken shelves. Or maybe these are some weird books?

Visiting friends. 2 kitties were sleeping on and near me! I was the happiest girl ever! =^_^=

Neighbor's horse Petro. Right, that's a Ukrainian male name. View from my window, spotted by Grandma. :)

Other neighbors' doggy...smoking? Smoking a cookie. And then he tried to eat my toes >_<

It's beautiful there in the evening before the rain. I was enjoying a cup of cinnamon coffee when took this pic.

This dragon got into my cousin's shoe! And was lucky because cousin adores creatures like this. Had it been my shoe, the dragon wouldn't be welcomed.

Neighbors' kitty who lived with us all the time we spent there. Sweet kitty dreams.

A serious yet kind guy, my niece's cat Chornushka. 

Kinda newspaper ad :P

It landed on my windowpane. A sign?

The most comfortable chair ever! Apples are delivered right to the one sitting there.

Kesha and Taiska said hello! I hope they're happy and loved up there on the Rainbow. 

Arctia caja, the moth that scares predators by showing off its red wings that are usually hidden. LOL it's like a pervert XD The one in the long cloak... ^^ This moth is sometimes said to make clicking sounds to make dangerous creatures f**k off. 

Granny and cousin took a trip to the biggest skiing resort in the Carpathians. Impression: dreadful prices and nothing special. Except water pollution. They dump waste right into the river. 

Still there are fun facilities for young people. Cousin got a chance to enjoy a pool while being inside of a giant bubble.

I was waiting for them at home. Drawing and watching birds partying on the wires. 

We made him fat :)

The only more or less romantic cafe has this type of candy. The taste is nice though nothing special. But I love the cameo design! As well as biting off the girl's head :D

My dinner.
Another day's dinner.

Probably the last food pic, couldn't help posting it: a heart-shaped tomato!

The centre of Yaremche.

Hi :) It's the one who writes this all. "...lay on the grass and let the hours pass..." (c)

I suggest putting  this into your enemy's shoes. Es ist stachelig ;)

Spit or spunk? (c) Adora I think it's another disgusting thing: an insect wannabe! Ewww! 

And this was a holiday celebration and service at the church. Kids know these traditions since their earliest age. And... so do I.

On this day people bring certain kinds of food to have it blessed by the priest. 
People walking around the church - a part of the tradition 

Baskets with food are nicely decorated with embroidery and flowers.

Going to church is mostly interesting and desired for the kids. They have their own hangout here. I reember it from my young years too. :)

My friend's son Max with his Granny. The guy is known for his admiration of pre-electoral ads. He can be used to test efficiency of those. 

An impossibly beautiful woman, the pic doesn't represent even a half of her real-life beauty. :( I don't know who she is but couldn't get my eyes off her on that day. And she looks A LOT like my mum's mother. :)

My closest neighbors - Orysia and her daughter Natalia. The girl could have pursued a successful modeling career, I've photographed her many times, and ALL photos turned out successful. Even though she wasn't really posing!

And here's my Max. The nephew. I don't really like kids, but this guy surprised me by being too smart and adult for his age. It's him with whom we poked someone's cat at the railway station :P

A LOL in the big city. The grilled chicken cafe is only a few metres away from a tanning salon and right opposite the public restroom! I suppose girls from the salon are sent to the cafe as chicken, and then people run straight to the restroom after eating them. 

Gerda, my aunt's dog. Nephew Max led me closer to her - she didn't even growl when he was around. But she did when I was alone. 

Guys on the soccer field! I love watching someone playing this sport, especially when there are familiar faces in the team.

Nephew Roman as an independent referee...

...and cousin Ivan as the goalkeeper!

Petro the horse, the most dangerous animal of the whole village. Or... I think the 2nd dangerous animal after other neighbors' dogs I call The cocaines. Why? Because their 1st, angriest and the main dog in the whole crowd is named Coca.

The train station of the Yamna district of Yaremche. The closest station to my home.

Doddy and the Shadow. 

My cousin Marta with kitty Margo. Kitty #1.

Cousin Anna with Christie, kitty #2.

Me with Tom, kitty #3.
Tom is a vampire kitty.

Perches on the stones waiting for midnight to strike.

The imprisoned guardian. Mr. Shiny Nose :)

Definitely a girl.

My fave gothic flowers fence.

I find this enchanting.

Flowers of the color of cat skin


  1. Thank you for sharing your vacay pictures. It's a long and "picturesful" post and I really enjoyed looking at the sights. You really love animals don't you? I know you have a sweet little cat which looked a little like my cat.

  2. Glad you liked them :))
    Yep, I adore everything cute and furry =)))
    The sweet kitty is now sleeping near me, she enjoys laptop heat )))