Friday, September 23, 2011

What's in your ears now? (except long hair if you're old)

I just woke up and made a coffee. Trying to think out a part of the lolita outfit. Totally lost the initial idea after the show was cancelled.
Of course no coffee is good enough without a proper soundtrack. Since Friday is a lonely day for some people, and I'm not really happy about it too, I'm trying to find something nice to listen to in order not to get  sad. Here's what I have for breakfast:

Something sickly kawaii, old-good-loved, something Japanese and more Japanese yet relatively new for me. The latter have a malice Mizer member as well! How I miss the old times when the community was still active and a friend of mine wrote "Hyde+Gackt = <3" on a wall in her new apartment...
And what's your playlist today?

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