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Otobe 2011, the grumpy old Lolita's journey.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a review. It's a personal blog and the post is nothing else than a personal impression. Yes I only write nice things about cool people I met. Because there's enough shit in official reviews and nasty people aren't worth space in a post. :)

Yesterday's Otobe was probably my 1st anime event when I didn't sew anything on the day of the show. Everything had  been prepared a day before, and I went to bed being happy for having my extremely goth outfit with pink roses and ribbons waiting on a hanger. Go kill yourself, true goths!

The day of the event. I've never been so stressed and pissed off and frustrated before any party, but still I dressed up, painted the face on and headed to my destination. I met my friend Sith on my way there, and he told me that there's a complete disaster. The remains of my heart fell down into the shoes and I started wondering what hell I am going to. Thanks God I got to the place safely, and no signs of terrorist's attacks were detected.

... I was met with typical yet cute "Nya, kawaii!" screams. I know many people hate that, and I'm also not a fan of it in everyday life. But an anime event IS the place where that's more than appropriate. :) It always makes me feel loved. Thank you kind people, and especially the 1st guy to ask for a pic together - he caught me on the stairs of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Hall. <3

My girls saw me in the crowd and we walked to the dressing room #1 with mirrors and loads of people.

I discovered I lost one of my bows on the way! T__T I was helping Nastya, our Wa-Lolita, to tie her shoes, when she told me some boy said he found a bow.

On the way to dressing room #2 with few people and no mirrors we caught up with the kind guy who got my bow. Even though you're unlikely to read this - thanks sweetie. ^__^

It was this room where I breathed in some hairspray. Eww, it tastes awful even though has a tasty scent. :!
I was excited to see Anita Lust and her cute daughter in real life, I used to know them only from pics and a popular blogging service, but was too shy to talk to them IRL. I also fell in love with Mimiko's light blue outfit and the whole image.

As our leader Mokona says, you can never watch the cosplay show like a normal person when you're a participant. It turned out to be true, but somehow we managed to get there - just before a break was announced! LOL Oh well, time to tease hair then.

Later we managed to watch a part of the show. Loved the Fiction dancers - both their dance and shiny green outfits. ;) *the magpie seems to have awakened in me*, Alice in her cute yellow outfit - unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with the fandom, then an uber-cute Hetalia cosplay dance and Integra in the uniform.

Most people seemed confused when "Kseniya with an out-of-contest performance" was announced. Hardly anyone knew who it is, I could only guess - was trying to remember the name of... and yes it was her, Anita's cute daughter with a dance! I can say I've never seen a kid looking that confident and professional on the stage. :) Adorable is not a word bright enough to describe it.
I wish I could see Yuu and Helg up there... Unfortunately they must have been there while I was somewhere else, but still I was lucky to have seen them in the dressing room 1, and the outits were fascinating. Yuu's LONG hair and black horns and Helg had furry ears!! Here's where I'll scream "Nya, kawaii!" - just can't resist.

I'm not really worrying for lack of photos this time. Because Katarina has been there and took loads of pics - it's her whose lolita-related works gather most comments at my album at NeKronos & Mutilador Model Directory.

While being photographed I saw a guy smiling at me - and gradually got he was Mamoru. It's been a year of our being friends, we met at Otobe 2010 just before the lecture on Japanese street fashion.
The 1st pic together. ^__^ Otobe 2010.

About half an hour before it was our turn to appear in front of the public and judges Mokona gathered us in the hall and we decided the way out on the catwalk. No rehearsals were held beforehand. Let it be the way it's gonna be - I thought trying to think of the end-of-stage move. Mokona seemed to have read my thoughts and told me NOT to do the thing I always do. Oops... Time to create something new.

The photo corner, Pugoffka as a Lolita <3.  It's always a pleasure to work with her, and I even didn't notice a starting migraine. Hope it didn't pose for photos on my face. XD Anyway... Pugoffka's photo art can save almost anyone. :)

Some people I talked to before the festival might remember the "health issue" I told about as something that can stop me from attending the event. I meant a series of hellish migraines. I hoped they wouldn't bother me after a good nap and in a nice mood, but unfortunately was mistaken. The damn headache reached its extreme when we were about to be announced. My task was not to lose consciousness on the stage and I fulfilled it.

To those who didn't get what the f**k was I doing on the stage - the 2nd move was the typical lolitas' "heart" move, but it was meant to be torn/broken in my version.

A few hours before Mamoru sent me the link to the vid. My fuckin migraine showed up on the face. I'm a grumpy old bitch on stage. >_< As well as in real life, right. XD
Please don't laugh too hard. Friends told me that might have been considered a part ot the image, but I heavily doubt people didn't see the fail. Still I'm happy with how they met me. :)
One more nice surprise was to meet a girl who said she knows me and even reads my personal blog. I was like O_o and asked for her name. And of course I do remember Ashuka who often posts on cosplay-related topics. She turned out to be so sweet IRL! Thank you for the pill offer and search!

We were going to have a small tea party at a cafe after the cosplay show ends, and I was strongly aimed on attending. But migraine took over me and I had to leave. Thanks to Juri and Mona for leading me to the bus stop and cheering up with cute talks.

Having arrived to the district I live at some people greeted me with words that can roughly be translated as "Mother fucker!". Sorry, but I like "Nya, kawaii!" much better. :P

While I was writing all this a friend asked me to share the details of the outfit. It means that the dress autopsy post will come soon. :) Stay tuned. *serious smiling newsreader's face*

UPD: It's been a week. I've been thinking over everything during this time. I've been asked a lot of questions. Many people either think or have heard that this year's Otobe wasn't as good as the previous one.

I partly agree and have already come up with an exlpanation of why it's this way.

Too many arguments have arisen after the festival, too many harsh and rude comments on things totally not worth all those negative emotions. Cosplay and anime events used to be fun in my young years. Do you remember them? I still do. Now it's just another type of competition that often turns into true rivalry.

Arrogance has become essential for this hangout as well. I'm afraid it will soon turn into something like the goth one. This year many people attended Otobe for competing only, and the having-fun function seems to have been forgotten about. Particularly because of ticket prices. I was a bit shocked when I got to know how much they cost. I support indie business in Ukraine but I don't think Otobe has already reached the level of any American or Swedish anime convention.

It's undoubtedly good that performances get more and more professional as time passes. But, in my arrogant opinion, this is when they lose a great deal of sincerity. I'm not suporting coming out on stage without any preparations wearing a costume made of your granny's curtain, but still this has something of... probably of what cosplay used to be many years ago when it was more of a hobby than business/profession.

I think it's time to stop writing now since the old grumpy ita-Loli is starting to whine about her perfect youth again...

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