Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfit autopsy

As I've promised, here are some autopsy photos. No, no guts and brains this time, sorry. Bows and beads only. Still it can be a look of someones brains, don't you think? ^__^

Sorry for the scenery. XD I had to put the dress and the rest of stuff on the bed and had about 10 minutes to take all photos before running to a workout.

I decided to make a jumperskirt instead of an one-piece thing since I needed a versatile piece of cloting suitable for both an Alice cosplay and a lolita image. Even though I only wore lolita this time I'm going to try it on with different blouses.
 The bows on the top part are detachable - each has a pin and is a brooch. I think they can also be used as hair accessories. I first planned them without the beads, but eventually added those to make the JSK look less plain.

The ruffle on the bottom is hemmed on both sides. I used what we call "Moscow hemming"- the edge is ironed and pinned onto the wrong side of fabric, then sewn with a machine about 1,5 mm away from the edge. Then excess fabric is cut off as close to the stitches as possible. Be careful and don't f**k them up! After it's been cut off, wrap the edge to the wrong side again and make one more row of machine stitches on the right side.
It took ages to do, but I think the result is worth all sleepless nights. There've been 6 metres of ruffle, but since both sides were to be hemmed, there've been all 12 m.

Brooch, cameo or... whatever you call it. :P Here comes the autopsy:
I got a brooch base as an addition to my order at a handmade supplies shop, and here's how I used it.
The lace has remained from my "Anna Varney" jacket.
I got the foam rose at a giftwrapping parlor at a trading centre.
I wa passing by my fave sewing supplies shop and couldn't help having a look. That's where I got the cute ribbon of the color of cat skin. =^_^=
 I had long teased pigtails hairstyle - something bows pefectly go with. I started with plain black ones, then added some shiny ita lace - yes I do like it, go kill yourself true lolitas! XD
The bows still looked too dull, so I attached beads. Still boring. Ribbons. More beads. Hairclips and a suede ribbon. Ok, that's enough.  Probably not the best pic, but I couldn't help posting it. Paws&bows.
And here's the only acceptable pic from the event I have for now. The complete messy look:

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